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W.O. Zangger & Son, Inc.
d/b/a Zangger Popcorn Hybrids

48397 809th Road
North Loup, NE 68859
Phone: (308) 496-3400
Fax: (308) 496-3402

Josh Zangger, General Manager
Sales & Research

Cell: (308) 219-0316
Email: zphjosh@gmail.com


Tracy Ries, Office Manager Shipping/Receiving/Billing
Office: (308) 496-3400
Fax: (308) 496-3402
Email: zphoffice@gmail.com


Chuck Zangger, Plant Breeding
Cell: (308) 750-6113
Email: zphchuck@gmail.com


Our mission at Zangger Popcorn Hybrids is to develop and sell the highest yielding and highest quality popcorn hybrids in the industry and assist or lead in the promotion of popcorn as the number one snack in the world.

Since the early 1980's, the Zangger family has been originating, selecting, developing, testing, and producing Hybrid Popcorn seed. Our goal is to continue to develop outstanding short season popcorn hybrids.

Zangger Popcorn Hybrids is a family run corporation. In 1954, Wilbert Oscar Zangger and his son Charles B. Zangger formed W.O. Zangger and Son, Inc. which specialized in Polled Hereford breeding and growing and selling commercial popcorn. In the mid 1970's, Charles P. Zangger "Chuck" took over the operation and focused on growing popcorn varieties adapted to Nebraska's growing environment and season. In the early 1980's, Chuck began breeding for these qualities and successfully developed a group of popcorn varieties and genetics that continue to fulfill our company's mission today. In 2005, we began to use the name Zangger Popcorn Hybrids to market and sell our popcorn varieties. Chuck has been a grower of popcorn for 35 years, managed a popcorn processing business for 13 years, a popcorn breeder for 27 years and has traveled or been involved with many of the different popcorn growing regions of the world. These experiences have been important to the success of Zangger Popcorn Hybrids, but more importantly to the development of good relationships with longtime customers and partners. This also allows us to continue to promote popcorn as the number one snack food in the world.

Located in the North Loup River Valley in Central Nebraska, this area has a rich heritage of growing popcorn. Valley County, Nebraska has grown popcorn since the advent of growing commercial popcorn in the early 1890's. Central and Western Nebraska continue to be one of the largest produces of popcorn in the world. There are several reasons for this; irrigition, cooler August nights, and higher elevation are among the reasons Nebraska leads in producing the top quality and top yielding popcorn in the world. Due to their strength and adaptability, Zangger Popcorn Hybrids are grown in the different popcorn growing regions of the world.

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